H1B transfer in India for new 2014 Visa


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Please suggest me for my situation.

I applied for a H1B this year in CAP exempt (Based on unused old visa I had few years back) and got the visa through Company A. I went for the visa interview and got the visa stamped as well.

Now, the Company B I am currently working is also willing to process my H1B now, which is what i would prefer if given an option.

So the questions I have are..

1) Can my current company B apply H1B while I am in India and if I get it can I travel to US with my existing visa stamped in passport with company A and start working with B using the approved 797? OR should i get stamped again with company B. I fear there might be a chance of rejection if i go to visa interview again and so want to avoid it.

Thanks !!!

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