J1 Waiver timeline; 2014


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J1 waiver timeline (2012-2014)


1. October 1, 2012: Filed all three NOC application in india

2. November 2, 2012: Received 1 NOC from MHRD, Called general consulate INDIA, NY and they told me they have received my 2/3 NOC (MHRD, Passport office)

3. Feb, 2013: My father inquired my NOC from home state, Chandigarh. found that my file was not forwarded ahead, but my case was revived after making 2-3 calls.

4. April 2, 2013: Police inquiry at my home place.

5. April 25: NOC from Home state received my me and general consulate INDIA, NY

6. Called general consulate INDIA, NY and confirmed that they have received all 3 NOCs


(I had my personal reasons to stay at this stage, till August, 2014)


6. August, 26, 2014: Visited general consulate INDIA, NY and submitted the documents including case no for final NOC.

7. August 27: Mailed my DS3035 with all documents to Waiver department USA

8. September 2: received my final NOC from NY and a letter telling that a copy has been forwarded to DC.

9: September 18: Online status (DOS, USA) showed that all documents received.

10: September 20: Online status showed that NOC received. 

11. October 12 : Status changed from "Pending" to "Favorable recommendation"


I will keep posting after this....:)

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12. October 20: Letter received from DOS ; that a favorable recomendation sent to USCIS.

13. October 25: Received a letter from USCIS with case no.

14. Novenber 11: USCIS status shows "Waiver Approved and a letter sent"

15. I am expecting my final waiver in a day or 2. :)



Good luck for all readers  !!! 

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