recd 221(g) at delhi consulate for h4 visa


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Hi all,

i went for the h4 visa interview. I was carrying all the necessary documents but the Vo refused to look into those documents. Now i have recd 221(g) asking for the same documents. Now i have to courier the documents? where should i send it..

the mail says send docs via courier then why the first line says - in person? can anyone clear my doubt?


Via Courier

Please submit the requested documents to VFS in person. To locate the VFS center closest to you, please

check, and click on US Visa Application Center. Be sure to reference your case number

on any submission of information. Note that VFS will charge a fee for this service. Do NOT submit

any ORIGINAL personal documents (degrees, mark sheets, etc.). Documents submitted will NOT be

returned (other than passport and I-797). Please DO NOT submit your PASSPORT unless specifically

requested to do so.

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I have gone through all this pain.. you need to submit all the documents to their VFS Centre, they call it by Via Courier but it's in Nahru place (for delhi embassy).

These ppl are really sick these days.. if person is presenting the paper at the time of interview what is the point to ask same documents via courier... They just want to delay it and probabily want to refuse later.. I dont want to scare you but my family visa was denied after 4 months of 221g processing.

Wish you all the luck.

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This has happend 2nd time with my family. My wife and daughter went for visa interview 2nd time and VO even did not ask a single question and handed over the green 221g slip. When my wife said I have all the documents you have marked in the slip, VO said he want all the documents via courier.

Could you please share what's going on in your case?

Thank you !

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Hi all,

I have got my visa today from Hyderabad consulate.


interview date: 14 june 2011

Asked docs: passport I797

Questions Asked about my education(masters in biotech)

case 221 G White slip

Docs requested through email: Questionnaire on biodata,Resume,Educational transcripts, Job details.

Submitted docs: 16 july 2011

Response date: 12 july 2011

Total time:3 weeks

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Hi, I came to India in Feb and got 221g Green Slip on H1 visa at New Delhi. VO didn't asked for any docs and handed over Green Slip mentioning to submit all company & Client documents .I submitted the docs but got refusal from US consulate that "Employer is not able to provide qualified Employment and case is sent to USCIS for revocation". It was E-V-V-C model & my client terminated the contract as I was unable to join back. My husband is in US on H1 & he got stamping in March. I applied for H4 this month and they again issued me Green Slip asking to submit all the Client Contract for my Husband. My husband works on the E-V-C model. he can get all the Client letters but End Client contract is not possible. As I am reading on the forum, I have few questions -

Is it possible that if we submit the documents then they can revoke my husband H1 visa and send it to USCIS for review though my husband recently got stamping?

If we don't submit the document now and wait till my husband change the Client and move to same other direct client with same company?

Is it advisable to not submit the document and change employer and re-appear for the interview with new petition?

Can my husband travel to India if we don't submit the document as he has h1 stamped for another 2 years?

Please advise..

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Hi Rohitm, The E-V-C model is not a problem but the issue is, there's DHL covering letter which should mention all the layers to the Embassy. Also the LCA should state the end client. Most of the times, Employer mentions Vendor as the End client in the Cover letter and then the problem arises.

In my case, I gave the contract between E -> V but not between V -> End Client.

I produced the end client letter regarding the same.

The Visa got approved today.

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Pink slip on 08 aug for H4, passport not returned, asked not to send anything and just given a case number

My wife(applied for H4) got pink slip on 08 august, They have not returned her passport. In the pink slip they have crossed out all the documents listing and asked not to send anything. Lady their told her it is for administrative processing. My daughter(kid) got the H4 in same interview.

Very strange they granted the visa to kid but gave pink slip to my wife.

and I have valid h1 with stamping and all.

anybody here with similar case for H4 pink slip?

My query is, while handing my wife pink form visa officer has told that you need not to sent any document and in pink form she has crossed out all the document and the line where it mentioned that we need these documents from you.

Is it possible that after few weeks they can ask some document to send to new delhi embassy , by updating the case status as "contact embassy"

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They have asked not to send any document and in pink form they have crossed out all the options.and Embassy officer asked to check the case status on site.

Case status is still showing as Pending processing(under processing)

Have u received any update on your H4 pink form case?

When u get pink form? Has they asked you to send any documents ?

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I attended my H4 stamping on August 9th in the New Delhi US consulate. After my interview, the Visa officer clearly mentioned that my visa has been approved. I have yet not received my passport though I was told by the visa officer that I will receive it in 5 working days through courier. I was not given any color slip after my interview. After checking wth DOS - i found out that my status is pendinjg under 221g. Can anyone please give an idea on how long this will take?

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if it is 221g (admin processing) for H4 then it will take around 8 weeks. Has dos given u any number to check the case status, if not then u can ask them for case number and then u can check the case status.

Generally 221g H4 takes around 4 weeks, so u can expect updates on ur case after6 weeks.

Wish you good luck.

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