L1 to H1B transfer. H1B->L1->H1B


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Am aware that L1 to H1B transfer is possible but my case is quite different.  I came to US in 2010 on H1B visa. In 2012, I transferred my H1B to L1 so that my spouse can work in L2-EAD. Now that my spouse got H1B am planning to move back to H1B. SO here is my question,


1) Will i fall under the new H1B petition cap(65k quota) or my petition can be filed any time  as i already had a H1B petition?


2) considering am with employer A in L1 now, Can Employer B file my H1B petition anytime out of cap limit so that i can start working with them?


3) From the employer B point of view, is this process same like H1B transfer?


Please help me out to understand.



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