Passport pick up info please (Jamaica)


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Hi Friends,

I have my VISA appointment scheduled for Nov 3rd @ Kingston, Jamaica. 


Folks who've got VISA stamped in the last one week or thereafter - I would like to know when (how many days) & where the passport is being delivered to (if stamping successful).


Is it at the consulate itself or DHL location?


Thanks for your replies.

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Now that the rules have changed, it takes about 4-5 business days for you to receive the passport if your stamping is successful.


Rules have been changed since 10/9/2014. I had my H1b VISA approved yesterday in Jamaica. When I asked the same question to the VO she told me that the passport will be MAILED to whatever address we mention in the Arrival (C5) card...C5 card if the form that you fill few minutes before the flight lands in Kingston Jamaica.


However, to one of my friends who had the interview same day, VO told him that he has to pick the passport from DHL courier office. The process is not clear yet. I suggest keep checking this blog until we receive the passport and update everyone of the actual process..

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