H1 to B2 change of status still pending


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I have applied for H1b to B2 change of status on Apr 17th 2014 as I have exhausted my 6 years of H1b (perm got audited), and got a RFE for H1- B2 COS on Aug 21st 2014, replied back to RFE on Sep 16th 2014 and still waiting for the decision.


So my question here is , as the 6 months requested period for B2 is coming to an end on Oct 17th 2014, do I have to leave the country before Oct 17th 2014 abandoning the B2 COS petition or can I wait  till I hear about my B2 decision even after 6 months have passed as I want to apply for my 7th year H1 B extension based on 365 day rule once my B2 gets approved. 


Thanks in advance for the replies !

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