Multiple H1B Visa's


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Thanks a lot for checking this thread . Need urgent guidance.


I am having a valid stamped H1B VISA with company A. VISA got stamped 2 months back and is valid till 2017.


Scenario : I would like to transfer my VISA to Company B  under quota exempt category.Company B is only having approved work for 1 year and will provide  I797 and other documentation
stating 1 year of VISA requirement when I go for stamping in India (for company B) 



(1)How can I use my entire 3 years of H1B -
Can I use already stamped VISA , I797 and other documentation of Company A and use(with company A or any other company) after my work assignment is finished with Company B in US .Allowing me to work with Company A( or any other company) for rest of the 2 years.

(2) How can I keep my options open - Can I get a new stamp with Company B with out loosing the already stamped VISA of Company A . I will enter US with any one of the VISA - Company 
A or Company B .I would prefer to travel with Company A since  I have already stamped VISA with them for next 3 years but because of some recent suspicious conversations I am considering Company B.
Can I hold multiple stamped H1B from India and defer the decision of which H1B I will be travelling on close to the planned travel date .
Appreciate your efforts and time 
Many thanks
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You are good with your old H1b visa till its expired unless I94 is not attached with B's I797. If they ask you for CP, you have to get new visa no matters if you have old visa stamped. They would suggest your the consulate location in this case.

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Thanks for your reply . I am not sure if I completely understand .


If I go for a H1B VISA Stamping for Company B  will the consulate allow me to keep my existing stamped H1B VISA with Company A.


I understand when my I94 with Company B will expire(after 1 year) since I already have approved I797 for the rest of the H1B period ( 2 years) with Company A , I should be able to work with Company A . 


Please suggest if my understanding is correct .



Many thanks

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Few things you need to understand.

Once you leave A, everything related to this employer (I797, I94) is useless. Visa stamping would still be valid till it expiry. This visa can be used to enter in USA with new B's I797. So, if you don't have to go for B's H1b stamping. Second, there is nothing called 3 years term of H1b. You have total 6 years quota of H1b. In one shot you get max 3 years of extension. 

Once you leave B and want to work again with A, A would have to file H

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