NO Update for Passport yet


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Hi all, its really brain drainer that I have to wait for passport for more than 3 days.

H1b interview was on 10/7/14 at Ottawa location.


My friend who had the appointment on same time and at same location got her passport within 2 days and I have no updates about my passport yet. 





1. Interview on tuesday 10/7 at 7:30 am - Visa approved at Ottawa consulate

 They said u will receive passport in 2-3 days.


2. Today is Thursday -10/9 and i have no update yet. Tried calling Loomis but they don't have any info as well.


Had to change flight/hotel until tomorrow but still can't be sure that I will get the passport tomorrow.


Also, LOOMIS would be Closed on MONDAY ...So that means, if not tomorrow, then I wl have to wait till mid-week next week :(


Any suggestions please ? What should I do and why its taking this long for me but not for my friend who had same situation and same time interview.

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I just finally get to speak to them abt my documents.

They said they have sent for PIMS update or something which they have to physically enter n stuff- something like that.

and that system hasn't updated it yet... they also don't know why its taking so long.  also, we have long weekend now, so at least wait for any updates till tuesday or wednesday

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