Change from L1B to H1B


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i am currently working in the USA with an L1B VISA from Employer-A and i have applied H1B VISA this year. I had an RFE for my H1B VISA and i have submitted required documents and current status is Request for Evidence Response Review. 


As i have to serve a 60 day notice to employer-A before moving to Employer-B(H1B), My question is how long i can continue to stay on L1B VISA and what will be the impact of working on L1B visa even after an approved H1B.


If i can continue to work on L1B for some time, what is the process to convert from L1B to H1B. Do i have to go back to my home country for stamping?


I want to continue to work on L1B and visit India in December and return to the USA with L1B itself and then switch over to H1B in March. Please let me know if this is possible.

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