Travel to India after H1B approval


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I received my H1B petition approval and change of status from H4 - H1B today (Oct 6 2014). But due to emergency I need to travel to India on Oct 24th. I will be back on Nov 11. I have H4 visa stamped on my passport valid till 2016. I have not started working yet. 

1. Can I travel in H4 and come back in H4?
2. Once I am back will I lose my H1B visa?
3. If I lose the H1B status, how to get it back?

Please reply as it is kind of an emergency. Any help would be much appreciated.


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1. Yes.

2. You do not have a stamped visa in your passport. How will you lose it?

3. Employer has to file COS and pay H1B fee again or you exit and enter with a valid H1B visa and I797.


And, in my understanding an emergency is an unplanned event. Leaving to India on Oct 24th is a planned event. Don't be offended.

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