H1 visa experience on Sept 29th Jamaica --- Successfull


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Hi Everybody,


Murthy forum helped me a lot with various questions and answers. Let me post my experience in Jamaica. We are a total of 13 guys who went to the interview in the week of Sept 29- Oct 3rd. All 13 got the H1 stamping done. Below is my interview experience.


My background:- Graduated from Stratford university in May 2010. Its my 3rd year of  H1. I applied H1 for A client and working for B client.  I didn't file for amendment as my lawyer said its not necessary since my Job title and roles didn't change.


Interview time:- Sept 29th , 8 AM.  Reached embassy at around 7:15 am and stood outside in line for about 45 mins.  Its OK to go 45 minutes early, they have lines for different times.


VO:-  Where are you going to work in USA

me:- Answered with City and state name


VO:-  What do you do at your work location

me:- Explained my jobs


VO:-  Did you go to school in US

me:-  Yes (I didn't mention my school name since the VO didn't ask for name)


Golden words, your VISA is approved please pickup your passport in 2 days.


Below are few questions which my friends got


* When did you come here (Kingston)?

* When will you leave?

* What do you at job?

* Where did you go to school?

* What is your major?

* Are you going to see places around?


* Which city are you working?

* Did you go to school in US?


* Can I have your W2?

* Which university did you go?

* How did you loose your old passport?


One of my friend had an interview for 30 mins and below are his questions:-


* What is your job title
* How long you are working for the current company.
* Show me w2 of the last year.
* How many companies changed and tell me time lines - duration worked.
* Where do you work (place of work)
* show me client letter.


Tips :- 

* Be confident with your answers and be truthful to the officer. 

* Don't take passport photos with Glasses. My friend was sent out to get a new picture without glasses.

* Eat breakfast and then go because you have to wait in lines for almost 2 hours. You can find snacks inside the embassy

* Passport pickup location is same as interview location. Carry your DL along with the red slip to pickup your passport.

* Its good to have a buffer of 4 days as one of my friend had interview on Monday 7 AM and had passport pickup on Thursday afternoon.  They didn't let him inside when he tried to pick his passport on Wednesday. Go to pickup as mentioned by the VO.


Place I stayed:-


Liguanea Club  --- I would rate 4.5/5 for this place. Very decent.  Free break fast and open WiFi with a clean swimming pool and tennis courts.




From Liguanea Club its walkable distance to KFC, Burger King and Pizza hut. Its also close to Triple century bar (Chris Gayle's).


Pushpa Indian restaurant is walkable from US embassy (4/5)




This guy is very reasonable and comes on time. He is on whats app also. He charged us $35 from airport to hotel for 4 people. $10 from Hotel to Embassy for 5 people.  He also took us to some scenic places like Ocho rios for $45/person.


Tony ---- 876-352-4460


Please do let me know if you have any questions. You can email to the address on my profile for any help.













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Hi Satya,

Congratulations...Thank you for sharing your experience..


I have a question. I am in EVC model, working at client location. Now for the question, Where are you going to work in USA?

Do we give the client location or should  we be giving our employer location..Can you please let me know what was your answer for this?



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