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I've Visa interview in this week. I'm under EVC model. I graduated in December 2012.

I was  with my employer (with OPT) almost from the next day of my graduation. But I've started working with the client since July 2013, so as my payroll.


So what would be the good reply for 'How long with the Employer?/ How long you are working with the Employer?'

Should be from Payroll Day? or from Joining day with Employer? All docs, letters, time sheets started from July 2013. There is no proof that I was joined after graduation until jULY 2013.


Please suggest me. Thanks

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Is this real?? Its your joining date with your employer...forget the Client in the picture.


You mean to say you were never paid after joining your employer on H1?? Is that what you are saying??? then Im sorry to say that you have been Out of Status my friend..beware...and expect 221g or denial.

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Joining date should be you reply. If you say July 2013 then what's you status from Dec 2012 to June 2013??

Hi Rahul,


Yes, what you said is right. But there is no proof that I joined after graduation. The only date have is start date with client.

Do you think I can still say December 2012

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It should be in your offer letter provided from ur employer. If not, July 2013

The offer letter starts from July 2013. Do you think I can still say I was with Employer from December 2012 itself. To speak true, I was with employer in December 2012 only, but I have training and job trails. So that's how the gap for 6 months.

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