H1B transfer question- situation for my friend


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My friend has the following situation:


She is currently employed with Company A, with a valid H1B visa until Sept 2015. Company A has started her green card processing.

She has received an offer from Company B, who has agreed to start H1b transfer procedures immediately. 


1. Will her "less than 1 year validity" on the H1B visa affect the transfer process? Any restrictions to be aware of, for such a case?

2. If she decides to stay with company A, will the application from company B be withdrawn?  Is the transfer process kept confidential between B and the employee? How much will company A know in terms of H1B transfer petition?

3. What about her GC application?  Will it be void?

4. After the transfer is initiated (but not completed), can she visit India with her current H1B stamp (that has company A) has petitioner? 

5. If transfer were approved, would she have to get another stamp on her passport if she goes to India? 



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