Approved after RFE


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Type of Application: H1-B Transfer Direct Hire

Processing: Premium

Date when the employer sent the details to USCIS:Aug 5

Date reached USCIS: Aug 9

(If RFE)

RFE date received: Aug 19

RFE Description:Recent Pay stubs

RfE date responded: Aug 22

Rfe Reponse Review date: Aug 25

Final Status update Date: Sept 6

Final Status:Approved

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Hi Lux226,

Did you had recent pay stubs to reply for RFE and then your H-1 got approved.

Did you recieve your I-797 copy,If so is it approved with I94 number on it.Please let me know.

I am also in similar kind of situation,I also got RFE regarding pay stubs but i do not have recent once as i was on vacation.

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Hi Arvind

Yes I had my recent pay stubs (previous W2's), after submitting those I got approved, I'm still waiting for my I-797A. In my RFE they specifically asked for june and july pay stubs. I think your attorney should explain about your vacation and submit whatever pay stubs you got before and after your vacation and W2's.

Do post your RFE response and decision it may help others.

Good luck !!

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Type of Application: H1-B Transfer

Processing: Premium

Date when the employer sent the details to USCIS:Aug 26

Date reached USCIS: Aug 27

(If RFE)

RFE date received: Sep 9

RFE Description:Recent Pay stubs

So can we respond to the RFE with Aug pay stub which basically covers payroll till 31st of August or do I need to wait till end of September and send them September paystub along with Aug.

Appreciate all your suggestions..bit worried now

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