H1b visa question.


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Do we need to have a driving license from the state were we are working ?I am working in Michigan and my driving license is from California ,But i have a change of address updated in California DMV site and i have a address updated card from California with my Michigan address on it ..Does it cause any issue?

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better to have same state licence where you living because that is the requirement from state as well that you have to have licence where you r resident of currently.. i would suggest to have licence of michigan and then can go... however its not mandatory to have for stamping but its better if u have...

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its adviseable to have your DL from the same state your are living but not a requirement for H-1B interview. I have read few posts on Murthy forums where VO asked the applicants to change their DL as soon as possible when they get back. I have lived in Michigan before and you can exchange your DL for Michigan DL same day.

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