Ottawa Processing Times - Sep 29, 2014 Interview


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Guys, got an email from Loomis today. Will grab it tomorrow at the Ottawa location and drive back to the Boston area!


Here is the final time line:


Monday 09/29:       Intw at 7:30am

Wednesday 10/01: CEAC status "Issued" at 3pm

Wednesday 10/01: Loomis pickup confirmation email at 5:30pm

Wednesday 10/01: Loomis "In facility" confirmation email at 7:pm

Thursday 10/02:     Pickup Passport at 8am    


Good luck to the rest of the folks on this forum!!

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1. Interview on tuesday 10/7 at 7:30 am - Visa approved at Ottawa consulate

 They said u will receive passport in 2-3 days.


2. Today is 10/9 and i have no update yet. Tried calling Loomis but they don't have any info as well.


Had to change flight/hotel until tomorrow but still can't be sure that I will get the passport tomorrow.

Also, LOOMIS would be Closed on MONDAY ...So that means, if not tomorrow, then I wl have to wait till mid-week next week :(


Any suggestions please ? 

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