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I am on OPT extension and expires on Dec 31st 2014. I am working for Non Profit Organization which is filing a Non profit H1 now and that effective from Jan 1st 2015, if it gets approved. This H1 is non transferable and doesn't come under quota.



I also have approved quota H1b from a different employer, effective date Oct 1st 2014, So I can't use that  to work at this Organization.


Now the issue is


" As I am on OPT and H1 got approved, I came to know that, my status will automatically change from OPT to  H1B. So then I can't work for the Organization.


I want now


  1. Whether I can continue on OPT till Dec 31st 2014 with out changing the status to H1B, So that in the mean time I will get my approved Organization H1B,effective start date Jan 1st 2015.
  2. If in case, my status automatically changed to H1B on OCT 1st 2014, Can I changed it back to OPT because I don't want to use that H1B.
  3. If it doesn't change back to OPT, then what Can I do to go forward.

Could you please  suggest me on the above issues. 


Thank you.



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If the H1 from the for-profit company came with an I-94 at the bottom, you are in H1 status from today on. You have to stop working for your current employer because your OPT is invalid since you are no longer on F1.

And you have to start working for the H1 employer.

And you can't change back to F1/OPT. That is gone forever.

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