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I came in United State with Employer A in Feb 2013 and Had valid I797B and I-94 till Sept 2015 and Changed my Employer November 2013 and received New I797A with new I-94 valid till Sept 2016. but in December 2013 went to home country on Vacation.. while coming back officer looked at the Visa Stamp on Passport (which was from first employer valid till Sept 2015) and gave me I-94 valid till date of stamp(Sept 2015 instead of Sept 2016) he did not give me I-94 based on my new I797A..


Now I have I797A valid till Sept 2016 and I-94 valid till Sept 2015.


Question I have

1. Is there a way to get it corrected within US?

2. I have found new employer but I am concerned if above difference will cause any issue in transferring the visa to new Employer?

3. If visa get Transferred.. will I get I-94 valid till new visa is or I-94 will be what I have now?


Please Advise 

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