L1 A Indicidual Clock reset


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I travelled to USA first on 01 March 2008 on L1 B and later on Jan 2011 my visa was convereted to L1 A  in USA. I stayed till 30 Oct 2012 on this L1 A and went outside the country till

2/2/2014 ( ie 1 years and 4 months outside). I travelled back to USA on the same L1 A petition as it was valid. I would like to know whether the clock will get reset and I can extend this L1 A I to another 7 years?


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Since you are away from US for more than a year, clock will be re-set. Meaning, you will be eligible for applying for your  L1-A individual petition extension. But, you will not get extension for 7 years at a time. you will get it in chunks of 2 years.

That is wrong. Only if OP entered based on a new L1A petition after stay outside US for a year clock would have been reset.

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