EAD/AP Combo Card Extension While Person Is In India


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My wife's EAD/AP Combo card is expiring on 17th Mar 2015, would it be okay if she leaves the country now and i take care of the extension and send the new extended card or document to her via mail in India to let her comeback to USA using the new EAD/AP card/document?​​ 

Appreciate your responses. 

Thank you

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EAD extension could be filed when the person is not in US. However to file AP extension, here is what USCIS says:

USCIS: (a) If a foreign national (i) already possesses a valid, unexpired advance parole, (ii) applies for a new advance parole while he/she is present in the U.S., and (iii) then departs the U.S., the foreign national must return to the U.S. during the validity period of the current advance parole already in his or her possession. If the foreign national returns timely, abandonment of the pending advance parole application would not occur. However, the foreign national may not remain abroad after the initial advance parole expires and then seek to re-enter at a later time using the subsequent advance parole that was pending adjudication at the time the person departed the U.S.

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