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I have a question regarding filing GC under EB2 category.

I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in India, and worked for a company for about 4.6 years (2 years in US). I then left my first company and joined company B, and worked for them for about 9 months.

I quit company B since they were cheating me on my bill rate and not paying me fairly. I joined company C on August 2014 and they are planning to file my GC under EB2 category.

Now, since I quit due to issues with company B, they are not willing to provide me with the experience letter.

I would like to know if experience letter from previous company is mandatory for GC filing, or if other documents like Pay stubs, Offer Letter, etc. will suffice. If only experience letter will hold, please help me with the options to get my experience letter.



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You need to have a proof that your previous employer is not giving the experience letter - like you asking them few times in email OR they are plainly refusing to give experience letter. In that case, you can get the letter from your colleague or manager, even on a piece of paper with detailed contact information. If you get notarized, that's even better.

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I would like to know if experience letter from previous company is mandatory for GC filing.

Its not necessary if you can fulfill the 5 years experience requirement from rest of your work exp. 

If you cannot, I would suggest go with EB3. You are always free to port it to EB2 whenever you change job.

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