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I want to know if I can apply for fresh H1B based on my duration of stay in US on different Visas.


My details are:

I had first H1B issued in 2005. I got an extension in 2007-08 which expired in Feb 2010.

I stayed for 3 years 4 months on H1 in US during this period.


From Jan 2009 to Apr 2012 I stayed in India


I got an L1B in Apr  2012 and travelled to US in Apr 2012. Till Sept 2014 I have stayed for  2 years and 2 months on L1 Visa.


So my total stay in US from 2005 to 2014 combined on H1 and L1 is 5 yr 6 months.


I want to know can I apply for fresh H1B? will I get an H1B for 3 years and if so do I need to wait for fresh visa application in April or can I apply based on me previous H1B petition.


Any pointers would be helpful


Thanking in Advance




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