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Hi Friends,



1.....i filed my extension in july,2014 with premium processing and was approved....in july only...


My new h1b extension starts from october 1st....


say my stamping date also same....on october 1st...


do i need to check the PIMS update infromation for the h1b extension ?


if so how can i check the PIMS update.... for jamaica visa stamping....



2... my license expiring on 30th september....


do i need to renewal now....or can carry same license for visa interview....on october, 1st....



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No PIMS required for Jamaica. You do not need driving license to go Jamaica for visa stamping.


I went there last week and had successful stamping. I met around 20 people who got successful visa. They asked me below questions.


1) Are you in IT

2) Where do you work.

3) come and pick passport.

A-R-Kanth => Are you in EVC model? Were those 20 others also in EVC? Can you share your email - thank you !

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