Change of Employer during Green Card process


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I'm currently under H1B Visa. Going for stamping in 2 weeks. I'm in EVC model.


My Employer started the process of Green card. He told me that labor was approved and will file I-140 soon. Now my client offering me Full-time oppurtunity.


I'm in big dilemma whether to take this offer or not. If I accept offer,

1. Does it affect my Green card process?

2. Does it also have any Visa stamping issues?


What do you think is the right step? Please suggest me. Thanks.

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1. Yes, it will.

2. No issues with visa stamping


Request your current employer to file I-140 in premium, once approved ask client to put H1b xfer in premium. Join new employer only after H1b transferred is approved. Start PERM all over again. At the time of I-140, you can request to port PD established by earlier approved I-140.

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