H1B interview process.


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I have scheduled h1b interview in india. I had few questions. Hope someone can answer.

1) by default, what documents i need to habdover to visa officer? My last h1 interview was 3 years back. Cannot remember what i did. Most provabaly just passport and approved h1b. Kindly confirm.

2) i joined fulltime with my client. My last company had policy that noone can join client. But i was exception due to some mutual understanding. Can vo ask about it? If they ask what will be best answer?

3) every where i found documents required for contracter. But how about fulltime? I will not get client letter. What documents i need from my compaby?

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Thanks for all the answers. I have few more questions ..


While rechecking DS160 form, I found that I provided wrong work ph no for current employer ( under Work/Education/Training Information). I added 1 (ISD Code) at the beginning and that's why  last number was discarded. Do you suggest I resubmit another DS 160 by correcting it? I have employment verification letter that has valid no. I have provided my manager contact no for all other section where I had to provide USA contact no. FYI, I am working for a large bank in USA.


How do I check what responsibility was mentioned while transferring H1. I know my current responsibility and can explain in details. But wanted to ensure I say same as what is mentioned in 797. Want to avoid confusion.

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