Shared accommodation. Jamaica visa appointment, Oct 7th.


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I have my visa appointment on October 7th in Kingston, Jamaica. I am planning to stay there from Oct 5th - Oct 10th, I haven't reserved any hotel so far. Please let me know if there's anyone willing to share accommodation. Please contact me at ***********




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Try to be there at-least 30 min before the scheduled time. You have to stand in the line outside the consulate separated based on your interview time.  Once you are in the line one of the officials checks your name on their list,  they ask for your passport size photo and I-797 from, they staple it to the passport. 


I had to go through a security check-in, like in the airports. (No electronics are allowed inside the consulate, I left mine with the cab driver.)

In the main building, another official staples a 2 piece red token to your passport.

Last name, first name on one part of the token which will be returned back to you after the interview, keep it with you to pick you passport. On the other part write down you name (last name, first name), hotel, room no. where you stay and phone no. 


Once I was inside the consulate, at the first window, they collected my ten print, at the next window my left 4 finger prints and then at the 3rd window I had the interview. 


They asked me, the purpose of my interview, where I stay in US, my return date to US, My work designation (tell them what's mentioned on the LCA) and My Major in Master's. They did not ask for any documents. 




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