Changing Empolyer while GC in process


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I have a very simple question about changing employers while your GC is in process. I have got mixed answers everytime I have asked somebody. Could somebody please throw some light on this in very simple words.


My situation right now is: I am on H1B visa second term. My GC has been filed in EB2 category and My priority date is Dec 2012. I want to know if I can change employers at this point of time. If I do, what are the consequenses and what are the powers of my current employers in terms of withdrawing my application?


Kindly advice.




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As you haven't given enough details, I am assuming you have I-140 approved. Once I-140 is approved, you can use that I-140 to xfer H1b to new employer. Make sure this xfer is approved before you join the employer - this is to make sure withdrawal of I-140 (if) happens after your H1b is trasferred. After joining, start PERM ASAP. In I-140 stage, request USCIS to port PD established with first I-140 to new I-140.

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