Applying for H1B Visa in Jamaica


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Hi all,

This post will give you all the information related to applying the H1B visa in U.S Consulate in Kingston, Jamaica.

Booking Visa Interview:

The following link explains the complete process in detail.

Step I: Fill DS 160 form

DS 160 form can be filled online from the following link.



There are three buttons (as mentioned in the screenshot) on the website.

START AN APPLICATION: This option is used to start a new application. This option is greyed out till the visa consulate location is selected from the drop down.

UPLOAD AN APPLICATION:  This option is rarely used. No need to complete the application in one sitting. The application can be saved online or to the computer (as .dat file) at our will. Data in the online saved application will be erased if it is not modified within 30 days. So the application can be saved to the computer as .dat file and upload it to the online site.

RETRIEVE AN APPLICATION: This option is used to retrieve a saved application online.


DS 160 Help:

Here is the complete guide to fill the DS 160 form.



Important Note: No need to complete and submit the DS 160 form to book the Visa interview date. Just fill the first page and keep the application ID for your records. DS 160 application ID is same as DS 160 confirmation number. To book the visa slot DS 160 confirmation number is required. So just use the application ID to book the visa slot and submit the DS 160 form later (a week before the interview is also fine)J.

The application ID (starts with AA followed by 8 alpha numeric characters) located on the top right corner. This application ID is mandatory to retrieve a saved application online.



Step II: Pay Visa fee online

Use the following link.

  • Create an account and sign in.
  • Pay the visa fee using USA credit card
  • I-797A receipt number, passport details and DS 160 confirmation number (Also known as application ID)



Step III: Schedule a visa appointment

  • Book the visa slot well in advance.
  • Can reschedule the interview if needed.


Step IV: Reserve the hotels

Use the following sites


I advise you to stay in New Kingston area. Here are some recommended hotels.

Knutsford court Hotel

Altamont Court Hotel

Liguanea Club


Step V: Buy the flight ticket

Use the following sites

As I mentioned in the previous articles please buy the tickets on Tuesday/Wednesday morning to get cheap fares.


Important: We have created a facebook group for H1B visa in Jamaica. We have posted so many pictures and some interesting videos and also all the articles I have posted here. . Feel free to join our group.


Facebook Group Name: Jamaica....!!!!


All the very best J


Jamaica H1B Visa Group

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 I have a question, can you please let me know when is the next available appointment date for H1  in Jamaica, if possible I want to go to stamping within a week from now around Oct 14th.  Since you already booked  a slot you should be able to check the appointment dates.


 Can you please do the favour for me.

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