Am i in a position to change my job. I am on H1B visa and my visa is expiring on Dec-2015. This is my 8th year in USA on H1B.


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I joined this company B on 1-jan-2013. At that time, my previous employer (say Company A) had already filed for my Green Card PERM and i had approved I-140 at the time of job change.

Based on Approved i-140, Company B filed for extension and i got H1b extension up to Dec-2015. Company B has also filed for my PERM but at this point of time, i have not got Labor approval. And I recently got audit in Labor approval, so it might take 8 to 10 more months according to lawyer.

My question is , since i don't have I-140 approved from company B, Am i in a position to change my current employer based on my previous I-140 approval (from company A). If yes, then how soon my new employer have to file for my PERM so that he can file for extension after dec-2015 or it doesn't matter because i have approved i-140 from Company A.



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