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I am seeking some help to make some decision, hope you experts can guide me here.


I am currently working for a company and I have been with them for 4 years. I am offered a new position new my current company but a different department. Meanwhile I am about to hear from another employer about an offer from them.


I have one question:


My current employer is ready to do my H1 transfer so I can start working in the new role and it might take 2-4 weeks for transfer to get approved, meanwhile if I get offer from the other company can I start the transfer process with them while the first transfer is in process? Will there be any conflict or issues? Am I missing any important point here?





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If your I-94 is still valid, you can initiate this second transfer. Once approved, you have a choice to join any one of them.


If your I-94 is expired and now you file this second transfer, this comes under bridge petition scenario. Your 1st transfer also needs to be approved along with 2nd transfer - if you want to work for 2nd employer.

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