L1 B individual options after max 5 years


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Dear Team,


I have 9 years of experience as a Development Lead and my physical stay in US on L1-B quota (Blanket and Individual) will be reaching maximum duration of 5years in Nov 2015. So, now, i think i have two options to extend my US stay.


1) Filing for H1 B in Apr 2015

2) Applying for L1-A


If i am applying for L1-A, when (time frame) exactly i am supposed to be doing that? and if i choose to go with h1 route, How many years will i get the approavol assuming that my petition is picked  up in the lottery and approved?


Your answers to these questions would be of great help.





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Thank you both for your replies. I would like to seek your thoughts on this, basically i am thinking of avoiding L1 A route since it has lot of denials and choose H1-B. If my H1-B is not picked/approved, only then i would consider L1-A extension. But I heard through my colleagues and in other forums that it is mandatory for the employer to file for L1-A 6 months prior to the petition's expiry date, especially for cases where the maximum term completion comes in to picture. Is that really a rule or a suggested best practice? because, if it is rule, when my H1-b is not picked/approved and then i will have approx.  4 months time for my current petition's end date and i may not be eligible for L1-A extension. 


Please share your thoughts on this.. 

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