Successful stamping @ Calgary,Canada on 24th September


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Thanks everyone for posting their experiences....It helped me a lot :)).My overall experience was very smooth.


 Embassy is located  in Rocky Mountain Plaza( Straight right corner).My visa interview was @2pm. I was there by 1 pm but, the lady at the security check asked to come back by 2 pm. Here is my experience.....


1, Keep DS 160,Passport and I-797 handy.

2, First security check --- where they give you a number and call accordingly.The lady there arranges the passport, DS form and I797 together.

3, After that one security guy takes you to 10th floor where you will be having second security check similar to the airport.

4, After the second security check , we need to stand in line where there are 2 windows and they do document checks ...... then to the next counter where finger prints are taken.


5, Once finger prints are done , you need to wait in a line where the Visa Officer call each one.

6, Here comes the actual part : INTERVIEW


Model : EVC , first H1B stamping...

Interview went for 2-3 minutes..


1, Where do you work?

2, Who is your Client ?

3, What are your duties ?

4, Does your employer pay on time? Are you happy with him?

5, Whats your highest degree?

6, Where did you do your Masters? What is your major?

7, Did your employer filed your GC?


Then comes the golden words 'Ur Visa approved and it would take 3-4 business days for your passport' :)) 


Thanks !! All the best !!











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@itsmeusa  - Thank you !!!


@sndpk  -  My status showing as AP. I have no issues with PIMS. The lady there didn't mention anything regarding PIMS.


@Patties --  1, I mentioned the client location 7, Yes, as my I-140 was approved.


Thanks !!

Thanks for posting your experience.


For #1, is it the physical address or the Client name? Because, #2 also seems to be similar.


For #7, what is the start date of your H-1B?

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Hi, Congrats for your Visa. 

I am planning to go to Calgary for getting my H1B stamped in the week of October 20. what are the chances of getting an interview date in the week of 20? 

Can you suggest any best places for accomodation as well?

Appreciate your help.

It's too late for next week dood.

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