L1B Visa is going to MaxOut-I140 approved- H1 VISA


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Hello All,

Not sure if this is already discussed and this one is repeated thread. Currently I am on L1B VISA and my Visa will expire on Nov-2015. My I140 was approved in 2013 under EB3 category. My Question are below:

1: Can I get H1 visa after Nov2015 with same employer?
2: When can I file my H1 VISA? Will it come under standard cap, or it is guaranteed based on I140 approval?
3: For how long H1 VISA can be granted? Considering currently I am on L1B VISA? 1 Year or 3 years.
4: Once I have VISA can I switch the employer? or I will continue have to be with same employer. 
5: Can switching the employer cause any legal issue from USICS? 

Thanks for your help in advance.

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