L1 to H1 [very urgent please]


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I greatly appreciate if some one can give advise.

I am on L1 visa since 2008 , my employer applied for L1 extension on April 4th 2011. got RFE on 08/08/2011. Actual L1 visa and I-94 expired on May 31st.

Company B wants to process my H1b with COS L1-H1

My question : If my L1 employer respond to L1 RFE and mean while Company B applies L1 to H1 B

1. what if my L1 RFE gets reject ? will I have the chances to get the approval on H1 ? since its COS L1 to H1.

2.what if I apply for new H1? and mean while respond to L1 RFE ? if L1 gets deny do I have to leave the country though my H1b gets approve in 15 days with premium process?

please advise weather i have to respond to L1 RFE or get the new H1 done ! what will be the success rate for L1 RFEs

appreciate your response.



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