no payroll on opt, need to apply for green card

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I graduated in dec 2008 with an MS degree.

I later on joined a desi consultant from mar 09 to aug 09 on my opt.

The company also filed my h-1b which was approved.

I was on bench and he did not run my payroll durng this period.

I then switched to company A in sept 09 and took a h-1b transfer.

I am still with company A and planning to file my Green Card.

The desi consultant company is refusing to give me an experience certificate and I do not know anyone working there.

I have been through most of the threads with people on h-1b and without a payroll filing for GC.

However I am not sure how it works when it comes to OPT.

In absence of experience letter and no coworkers what alternatives do I have so that my GC application is safe?

Suggestions will be appreciated.

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