Need Expert Advice - EB2 Mar 2005 current and waiting for a year


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Hello Experts,

Can you please advice, my case details are below. I am confused, frustrated and looks like I hit a wall with this.

Priority Date: Mar 2005 EB2

Receipt Date: 10Aug2007

Labor Substitution

Never Interviewed

RFE - Medical and Bonafide Marriage (for Wife) in 2009

Case sent to NSC then transferred to VSC to Local Office (still waiting there) - May 24, 2010

LUD Oct 2010

Opened SRs twice and got the standard answer - actively processing the cases but case delay because of extra processing

Congressman was told - Security Check Pending

Finger Printed Nov2007 Only once

Took infopass and the lady informed me that fingerprints expired and I should get them done again but do not know how to trigger them.

Called FBI about my fingerprints and was informed the results were sent back in Nov2007(same day)

Is there not a rule that I-485 has to be conditionally approved if Security Check has been pending for more than 6 months?

Please advice, thanks in advance.

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