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I was an F1 student few years ago pursuing my MS , I applied for OPT , there was no STEM OPT at that time...all OPT were for 1 year. My OPT was approved on July .


While on OPT I applied for H1B and the starting date on my  H1B was February.


I did not get full year of OPT, I got only 7 months of OPT.


However I continued to work on H1B and after 6 years of H1B I went back to school to pursue my PhD so I changed my status from H1B to F1


Now I got a job and my starting date is Sept 1st.  I filed for post completion OPT based on my PhD and I requested an expedited processing and I included my offer letter.


OPT(July)-------H1B(Feb)----6years-----F1----OPT (applied)


It has been 30 days since and I have not heard anything, so I went to the local Immigration Office here in town and talked to the officer and he told me that ...all he can see regarding my case .....is some resolution.... and data change....i asked him what does this mean and he said he has no further information. So I am wondering if anybody else experienced this situation before and know what this means when filing for OPT (i 765)....resolution...data change....


Thanks in advance.

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