H1B Stamping 221G india


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Hi All,

     I need your guidance and help on my H1B Stamping.


     On Aug 28th 2014 I went for Stamping for my H1B India which got in the Cap last year.


     I did answered my client name and company and other details to VO clearly He asked me to wait for some time and gave me blue slip by choosing Need administrative process before taking the final decision, he didn’t ask any documents from my side he took all the document along with him and returned my passport to me and gave a case number.


   So far he hasn’t contacted my employer and client as well but I am able to the case status date got updated on 16th September 2014 first and 19th September 2014 second.


   I don’t know what’s happening on my case no visibility of what they are doing?


   How long this kind of process will take for final decision?


  And on the same day another candidate from the same employer for same client got his visa approved right away? Why mines end up like this?


   I had 2 L1B in different Periods one L1b without using got cancelled and other recent L1B I have used it for more than a year in US.


  How to get things speed up?


  Is this process means rejection? Will I get visa?


  Status date updated twice but no outcome?


  Please help and suggest.

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