I-94 and Last Action Rule


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Hi ,


I had my I-94 valid till 10-OCT-201 and my H1B extension was filed on July 07, 2014.


I had to travel India on Jul 13 , 2014 due to some emergency and I came back on August 10, 2014. I was given a new I-94 number this valid till 10-OCT-2014 again .


My H1B extension was approved after I came to US on Aug 27, 2014 and the approval notice I-797 A also had attached I-94 valid from OCT 01, 2014 till Sep 30, 2017 .


However, the I-94 number on approval notice attached I-94 is the my first I-94 number.


Please confirm the following.


A.  As per last action rule, the I-94 which I got from USCIS is latest and that will be effective from OCT 1, 2014 and my extension should be valid ?


B. Though the I-94 number attached with approval notice is old number , but it should not be an issue ?

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