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Cuurent i work for an MNC here in US.But due personal constriants i need to move back to india this month end.(My visia is till 2016)


Now i have the following doubts:


Say i am working in Company A  and change to Company B.(in india)  next year


Can they transfer my existing visa. Or they have to file a new visa .?


if they can transfer how much time typically it  takes  for the procedures to complete ?


Or if the need to file a new visa in that case:-


Do i need to go through lottery and wait till next october ?


and in that case since i am already stamped all this months will  be counted i mean are the month till october count in my term of 3 years(of my old visa ) or as soon a new visa application is filed my old record comes to halt?


Any clarification would highly be appericated,As i had to make a decision to move back to india very quickly.I am bit puzzled about the future.






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Your future employer can file a cap exempt H1B petition as long as you have not reached the max allowed stay of 6 years in US on H1B. 3 to 4 months for approval with regular processing and 15 calendar days by premium processing. If you travel before 2016 you can use existing valid H1B visa and new employer's I797 to travel to US.

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