waiting for employment based greencard and found out about a natural son

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we are waiting for a visa no. for our H1-B based greencard (I140 approved on 2005). My husband has just found out that he has a natural (illegitimate) son who is currently studying in US as F1 student and has 24 years old. Would the ADN test be enough or should we try to adopt him here in US, so his son could also apply for US residency based on family ties? Please let me know what you think, as I am reluctant to see a lawyer until we know exactly what our options are. Thank you very much.

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Filing is not possible until your husband has GC. Then he would need to worry about proper procedure such as DNA. Adoption will not make it possible due to the child's age.

A consultation with an attorney is necessary since there are other considerations for illegitimate


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