Regarding Leave of Absence on F1 status


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I have been pursing my second masters from 'A' school and I have applied for leave of absence in my school as I have being ill for couple off months now. I have submitted my medical documents to school regarding my medical history as they have requested. The school now does not respond to my emails nor answer my calls regarding my status. 

However, my H1B application has been approved and starts from OCT 1st, 2014. I have not being attending school for Fall semester as I was being told by my Dean that my fall semester classes would be dropped at no cost. However, she did not yet approve my leave of absence. I'm confused regarding the situation and would require some help. 


Can you please help me know of what would be my current F1status. Would I be out of status at this time? If yes, would my H1b not be valid from Oct 1st 2014? Please help

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