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I have H4 visa till Nov 2014 and its going to get extended with my husbands H1B visa.We are planning to initiate for my H1B vis next March 2015.But my passport is above to expire in OCt 2015.And we are planning for trip to India in Feb 2015.So can I submit all the documents to my consultant first and after going to India the stamped new passport later.Or do I need to be present in USA in person while all the processing is done during month of April



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Thanks.I am sorry for the wrong word used.My husband would pay the fees.

My consulting company said that I need my passport to be renewed and stamped before I file for H1B visa.So please help in this regard.

Also can I get it renewed in Nov as my H4-visa extension would be in process during that time.So would my renewal of passport effect H4-visa extension.



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My husband would pay the fees.




There's a red flag right in there. Stay far away from such consulting companies who take money from their employees to pay H1 fees. Its ILLEGAL!!!! If found you'll be banned.


Go through this forum to see what happened to others...also complain to the DOL/ICE that the employer is taking money from you.

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