Need recommendations for H1 stamping... help would be highly appreciated.


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I have booked an appointment for H1 B stamping in Jamaica this month end. My H1 Visa was approved on an 'In House' project last year and is valid till 2016. This would be my first stamping after my student visa. I workt on EVC model now. But my client gave a letter which says project would be till December with chances of extension. I have asked my employer to do the amendment. When my employer went to the lawyer. They said it will be amended and would be given for 4 months only which is a risk for him. So my employer told me to go to consulate showing them that I have been working on In House project as all the paystubs are fine from past one and half year. there are one or two in house projects going on  at my employers place I guess but I am not aware of them. But would be able to provide documentation on them.


Now my questions are:


1.  Shall I go ahead with the In house project and attend the interview.




2. Get the amendment done for what ever period I get and go for it.




3. Don't do the amendment nor tell the VO about in house project and go ahead with the evc model as I have the client and vendor letters by taking RISk.


Please help me out.



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