H1B Green Card EB1 Category Eligibility


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Hello friends,


I have few questions related to EB1C eligibility.


I am working for the same Indian IT company for last 12 yrs. I am in US on H1 since mid 2010 (4.5 yrs) and my company is applying GC for me.


I was a Project Manager in India for 18 months managing 15+ people before I moved to US. Currently I am a Senior Project Manager/Program Manager managing 15+ team at onsite.


Following are my questions:


1) Am I eligible for EB1C?


2) What are the chances of getting through EB1C?


3) Should the company provide proof about me previously managing 15+ people in India? What kind of document proof?


Please share your thoughts and experience. Any other inputs / suggestions appreciated.


Thanks in advance


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