VA Drivers License Renewal with I-94 expired and H1B expiring on 30th September 2014


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Hello all


I have a Virginia driver license which is set to expire on September 30 2014. The same day my current H1-B visa is getting expired. My I-94 has already expired.    


My Employer has filed for my extension on August 1st 2014. I have a scanned copy of  EAC receipt for now. I have moved to South Carolina in August and am currently working here and also residing here with a friend. 


How do I show my valid proof of residency here in SC ? 


Does a scanned copy of EAC receipt valid for DL renewal ? 


Do I have to go back to Roanoke VA ( the place where i stayed in VA for over an year) to get my License renewal ? 


Does everyone get the hard copy or original of H1-B extension EAC receipt notice from their employer ?  


Please let me know.



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Ok guys.... 


I simply walked into the SC DMV Greer branch.  Showed them my VA license and plainly asked them for SC license application. 


filled all the forms duly. 


1) Employment letter. 
2) my current I-797A H1-B document which is getting expired on Sep 30th 2014
3) the scanned printed copy of I-797C receipt notice of my H1-B extension.  
4) My passport and My SSN card.


Proof of residency - Employer letter with your current address will be GOOD. and also a Bank Statement is good. 


I showed them the scanned copy of EAC receipt - they had some questions but finally got convinced and approved my application. 


I got my temporary SC DL now and I will be getting my card in 2 weeks from now to my address here in Greenville. 




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