(time crunch) I40 porting with receipt # only ?


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I have only following details with i-140 case .


1) receipt # 2) confirmed old PD 3) Perm Case number 4) USICS site screen shot for agains i-140 approval


I am contemplating to use the above information to try to port my old date . My old date is current now and , I also have filled for FOIA both to DOL (perm copy) and USICS (i-140 copy) last week and it will take a month to get a response.


Just because my OLD date is current , i wanted to check if any one has person experience on this for trying PD with receipt number etc ?


please help.

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Absolutely. Use that I-140 receipt # to port your PD. Your lawyer needs to detail it out in the cover letter so USCIS adjudicator has all the details in front. 


Even if you have requested I-140 package from USCIS, they would send you all but the I-140 approval notice. And I-140 petition usually has info like receipt # and decision made on your case.


But don't worry, you can go ahead with what you stated and you should be ok.

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Thanks itsmeusa. Last time around, I sent my FOIA request to the address mentioned in the link (office located in MO). I got a reply saying that I need to route my request to Office of Information Program & Services located in Washington DC. I wanted to confirm with folks who have submitted a FOIA request for their I-140 application.




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