Received I-797A without I-94


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I am currently on L1B and got my H1B approved last week, received I-797A this morning, but there is no I-94 in it, though I have applied for COS. Based on this situation, I have the following questions:


1.Does I-797 A mean COS is approved?

2.Without a new I-94, can I start working on H1B from Oct 1st 2014 as I have received I-797A?

3.What could be the possible reason for not receiving I-94?

4.How can I get a new I-94?





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1. COS is not approved - meaning - before you join your H1b employer, you need to get H1b visa stamped and re-enter US. Then you would get I-94 and your status would be H1b.

2. same as above

3. Your employer might have requested consular processing and not change of status OR USCIS could have denied change of status for whatever reason.

4. see 1

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