Any B2 Visitor Visa Extension denial and successful re-entry in recent time?


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When my parents visited for the first time in 2012 (in B2 visitor visa), we have applied for their extension of stay 45 days before I-94 expiration date.


They stayed until the decision on extension has been denied (after 3 months of their I-94 expiration) and left the USA in couple of days.


Planning to bring them this year. Could some one of similar experience share their findings please? 




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I have sent an email query with my parents passport and visa details (also mentioned about the EOS denial scenario) and got the below reply -



Thank you for writing to the U.S. Visa Service Desk.

We understand that you have a query regrading your parents travel to U.S.

With regards to your query, we would like to inform you that, if your parents visa is valid (unmarked or undamaged) and if their purpose of travel matches the non-immigrant visa, they may travel. However, entry into U.S. depends on the DHS (department of Homeland Security) officer at the port of entry.

We hope this answers your query.
Have a pleasant day!

Yours Sincerely,
U.S. Visa Service Desk.


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Generally, applicants who stayed in the U.S. on B2 status beyond the validity of his/her I-94 and left U.S. after the timely filed petition for extension of status was denied by USCIS starts accruing unlawful presence from the date of denial and the visa is automatically void under Sec 222g of Immigration and nationality act. S/he will have to obtain a fresh B2 visa from a U.S. consulate/embassy abroad to re-enter the U.S. If you require any further assistance, feel free to contact one of the Attorneys at Murthy Immigration Services Private Limited in India. More information is available on

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