Green Card application starts now. Getting married in few months. Should I apply post marriage?

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I am working in the US on H1B for the last 4 yrs; I complete my 6yrs in Aug 2016.

My employer is now applying for my green card this Sep 2014. 

I am getting married in Dec 2014. My wife is in India today. I am hoping to get her green card through mine.


Is there a difference in applying for green card before marriage or after marriage?


I understand that if I apply before marriage - I can always include her in the I-485 stage later.


What I don't know is that whether I can include her in my initial application itself and should wait to apply till I get married.


Pls help.

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You are lucky that you would still be undergoing PERM stage. PERM is totally to make sure there is a job in US for you. Dependents do not come in picture in this stage. After your marriage in Dec 2014, you could add your family when I-140 is filed. If forgot, you can still add her on I-1485. If not, you can even add her after I-1485 filed, but before I-485 approved provided the dates are current.

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